Genuine Fake Trailer
My Favorite Record
Links Hall
Heisenberg Uncertainty Players
DArcy Wedding
Sausage Nonnas
Foxhole Video Production Promo
Tim Menard & Friends
Leaders of the Pack
Tip Tap Tow
Mike & Joe Promo
Sloe Moe Promo Video
Sportsman's Club
THAW Promo Video
Neverland Dance Promo
Blackwell Energies Commercial
Rescue the Runway
Happy To See Me: Falliday Spectacular
CSI-Absolute Cleaning
Strobe Sessions
Sausage Fest Chicago
The Great American Lobster Fest
Lily of the West Performance
Happy To See Me: Save the America
The Super Hairo'N Infomercial
Love Your Neighborhood
Lobster Fest Commercial
Briar Rabbit: Bricks
Network & Fashion Event
Wedding Reel
MSU Special Collections
Spartan App Parody Commercial
Institute of Public Utilities Promotional Work
Institute of Public Utilities Event Videography
Lyman Briggs College Promo Video
Gunner and The Grizzly Boys 2011 Showcase Video
Mercury PSAs
Behind the Scenes Music Video
Demo Reels
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